Two Indian Authors in London Launch Charity Fundraiser The Consciouspreneur Campaign Through Inkdness

LONDON, UK (October 05, 2023): Two Indian-origin authors based in London, Manoj Gupta and Ritesh Nigam, have collaborated to launch an innovative crowdfunding charity campaign titled The Consciouspreneur Campaign inspired by Gupta’s upcoming book ‘The Consciouspreneur’.

The campaign aims to support GlobalGiving charity in Brazil, Vaga Lume to setup libraries in remote regions of Amazon. The campaign, which went live on September 27, has currently raised over 40% of its £4,500 goal, with donations from 32 supporters so far. It is scheduled to conclude on October 17, with the upcoming launch of Gupta’s latest work on October 31.

Published by StoryMirror, ‘The Consciouspreneur’ chronicles an entrepreneur’s quest to align outer success with inner fulfillment, uplift humanity through business, and gain spiritual insights through a series of global adventures.

“Books have power to inspire change, but also to create real change when we take action,” said Gupta. “This campaign unites storytelling with grassroots impact. Knowledge should not be limited by geography or circumstance.”

Gupta collaborated on the initiative with book mentor Ritesh Nigam of Inkdness, a platform connecting authors with charitable causes. The campaign offers donors a variety of perks related to the new book, including signed copies and one-on-one coaching sessions with Gupta.

“Partnering with GlobalGiving and Mr. Gupta allows us to empower communities worldwide through the power of words”, said Nigam. “We invite everyone to be part of this movement for good.”

Gupta will celebrate the book launch on October 31 at a special event supported by the Indian High Commission at the Nehru Centre in London. A former corporate executive, he is also the author of the bestselling book “New York to NEW YOU.” His writings promote mindfulness, self-development and purpose-driven business leadership.

The Consciouspreneur crowdfunding campaign will conclude on October 17. Get the limited edition signed-copies of the book with other exciting rewards and donations can be made at

About Manoj Gupta:

Manoj Gupta is an accomplished author and former corporate executive based in London. Originally from India, Gupta has written two books – New York to NEW YOU, a bestseller in India, and his new release The Consciouspreneur. His writings promote mindfulness, self-development, and purpose-driven business leadership.

About Ritesh Nigam:

Ritesh Nigam is a book mentor and founder of Inkdness, a platform connecting authors to charitable causes. Also originally from India, Nigam overcame significant health challenges to publish his own book and pioneer charity-focused crowdfunding.

About Inkdness:

Inkdness, founded by Ritesh Nigam, is the world’s first social causes and charity focused author and book discovery platform. Based in London, Inkdness aims to exclusively partner with authors who give back to society through charitable crowdfunding tied to their book sales and promotion.

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