Amish Tripathi unveils Manoj Gupta’s new book ‘The Consciouspreneur’ in London

LONDON, UK: At a premier event at the prestigious Nehru Centre in London, author Manoj Gupta unveiled his new book “The Consciouspreneur: Rich with Mind, Rich with Money” before an audience of dignitaries, aiming to bridge divides between technology, science, spirituality and leadership.

The book launch hosted by the Indian High Commission, was graced by eminent personalities notably the chief guest of the event Amish Tripathi, the fastest-selling author in Indian publishing

history, documentary host and a senior diplomat. He remarked, “As complexities grow in the external world, the Consciouspreneur approach becomes essential in maintaining equilibrium both externally and internally.”

Published by StoryMirror, the work chronicles an entrepreneur’s global journey to align outer success with inner fulfillment and prosperity of mind.

The book launch featured a panel discussion with Rajeev Sawhney, Board Member of a FTSE250

Bank, and Andy Williams, Chief Technology Officer and Leadership Coach. Rajeev commented that “the book is a compelling call to action, reminding us that true success encompasses not only professional growth but more importantly inner growth.”

Williams said, “The Consciouspreneur’s influence will make a major contribution to the growing debate about truly balanced and sustainable business leadership.”

Gupta has also launched an online community at, aiming to cultivate a space where individuals can harmonize their external and internal realms.

The event marked the culmination of Gupta’s charity crowdfunding campaign supporting projects in Brazil’s Amazon, which raised over £4,500.

Joining Gupta at the unveiling was Ritesh Nigam, founder of Inkdness, who served as crowdfunding mentor for the campaign tied to The Consciouspreneur.

“I’m grateful to Ritesh for his guidance on our charity initiative,” said Gupta. “His creative vision brought this book to life beyond the pages.”

Rather than mental health, Nigam proposed the term “mental wealth” in alignment with Gupta’s theme of cultivating riches of mind. This reinforced the Consciouspreneur’s ethos of empowerment over charity. “Mental wealth acknowledges every person’s innate inner riches waiting to be unlocked through knowledge and opportunity,” explained Nigam. “Manoj’s book opens the door to that collective abundance.”

Nigam pioneered book-related crowdfunding through his platform Inkdness, which connects authors and charitable causes. His collaboration with Gupta embodied this synergy of purpose-driven business, compassionate capitalism, and the written word as an instrument of change based on Gupta’s conceptual framework, the Consciouspreneur Circle.

The intriguing framework which promotes integrated living across social, professional, personal and spiritual domains, has garnered attention from prominent media outlets.

The model was recently featured in leading publications including The Pioneer and Mid-Day for its holistic approach to mental health, work-life balance and achieving harmony in mind, body and spirit.

In his gratitude, Manoj expressed, “The Consciouspreneur’s essence is about positive societal transformation. I hope its readers embrace its principles with pride and will be proud to call themselves Consciouspreneurs!”

Now available on Amazon, ‘The Consciouspreneur’, published by StoryMirror, beckons readers to step into a realm where profit meets purpose, and endless opportunities await.

Manoj Gupta is an accomplished author and former corporate executive based in London. Originally from India, Gupta has written two books – New York to NEW YOU, a bestseller in India, and his new release The Consciouspreneur. His writings promote mindfulness, self-development, and purpose driven business leadership.

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