MPF Investments are mainly aimed at companies in the Indian Market

Shah Rukh Khan was born in Gurgaon, Haryana, New Delhi, India. He is the most successful contemporary actor, presenter and producer in Bollywood, India. Since 1992, he has participated in many successful Indian films, won the Best Performing Art Award for Indian Cinema Audiences ten times, and has the title of “King Of Bollywood” (King Of Bollywood). His fans are not limited to India. There are fans in East Asian countries, South Africa, the United Kingdom, France, Europe and the United States. In 2004, he was selected into Time Magazine’s Asian Heroes List. Since April 2007, Madame Tussauds in London and Grevin in Paris, France have successively built his simulated wax figures.

Most people only know Shah Rukh Khan’s achievements in film and television. Few people know that he is still a keen investment and financial management person. It is reported that Shah Rukh Khan has made multiple investments. Shah Rukh Khan has invested in many properties in New York, London, Dubai and Mumbai, and he admires Buffett very much. Under Buffett’s guidance, he invested in financial products and obtained handsome returns. In 2015, Shah Rukh Khan earned 26 million U.S. dollars, ranking 18th on the Forbes Global Actor List. At present, Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth has reached a staggering 700 million US dollars.

Buffett’s famous saying: How much money a person can accumulate in his lifetime does not lie in how much money he can make, but in how he invests in financial management. It is better for people to find money than to find money. You must know that money works for you, not you work for money.

MPF enjoys a high reputation in the global venture capital industry for its investment performance and long history. It is an enterprise engaged in investment, operation and management consulting. One of the venture capital companies established along the coast, focusing on investing in start-up high-tech companies. The company is an investor in ApolloComputer, StratusComputer and ContinentalCable (the predecessor of Comcast), and the company is also one of the early investors in Apple Computer.

In 2006, the MPF raised the first Indian fund, headquartered in Mumbai. A number of investment projects in consumer industries have been completed. Its investment scope covers the Internet, education, financial services and retail industries.

In 2019, Avail Finance completed a $9 million Series A financing led by MP, focusing on the blue-collar field, and the effect was very good. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, to help Indian small and medium-sized enterprises and blue-collar workers understand the importance of financial independence and solve cash flow problems, MP and multiple investment companies re-raised US$70 million (additional investment will be made based on the number of users). To meet their savings, investment and insurance needs, hoping to help people get more financial products and services in the process of recovering from COVID-19, therefore, a complete product suite and solutions for virtual digital banking have been created. Specially established an innovative and more comprehensive MPF financial platform, and established fund management products that everyone can participate in.

MPF investments are mainly aimed at companies in the Indian market. They are more willing to become major investors. We often invest ourselves, but also co-invest with other investors.

It is precisely because of its precise investment style that it can get rich returns. Matrix has invested in a number of market-leading companies, such as Ola (mobile), Razorpay (payment), Of Business (credit-led B2B market), five-star commercial finance (SME loans), Ola Electric (electric vehicles), Stanza Living (Technical support for student accommodation platform), OneCard (mobile-first credit card), Country Delight (D2C dairy and fresh food brand), DealShare (social commerce platform), Jupiter (Consumer Neobank), Mswipe (mobile) POS) and Zupee (Leading skill-based game applications), etc. These successful investments have brought great returns to Matrix.

Currently, MPF has more than 30 million registered users and manages more than US$3 billion in funds. The income from reinvestment of these funds is the main source of income of the MPF. Part of the profits are returned to investors to improve their performance. Life and family, according to statistics, more than 10 million investors have received more than 100% of investment funds.

Undoubtedly, the primary goal of MPF companies is to maximize their own profits. However, as a member of society, while the MPF pursues its own rapid development, it also shoulders major social responsibilities. As an investment company, the MPF’s social responsibility is even more obvious. Not only did they invest in a group of entrepreneurs in the early stage of their business, they also provided livelihood security for more than 10 million people during the epidemic, reflecting the value of MPF to society.

Since last year, a wave of unresolved new crown epidemic has made the Indian people miserable. They had to endure the economic recession while losing their loved ones. A report released by an Indian university in May showed that the epidemic has plunged millions of people into poverty in India. Due to the anti-epidemic blockade, more than 100 million people are unemployed in India. The latest data from the Indian Employment Think Tank shows that the unemployment rate has soared to a record level after the lockdown was implemented to curb the spread of the new crown virus.

According to data from the Indian Economic Monitoring Center (CMIE), India’s unemployment rate is currently at a record 27.1%. In April alone, 122 million Indians were unemployed. To solve the problem of the unemployed population requires government policy adjustments, but also the help of enterprises.

Excellent companies pay more attention to giving back to the society. During the epidemic, the MPF not only organized assistance activities for families in need, but also called on MPF people to help needy families in the region, which has taken another step forward for the development of the excellent corporate culture of the MPF. Greater strides.

Enterprises can make contributions to society by virtue of their own positive influence. This is a selfless spirit, which is worth learning from more companies. While developing itself, enterprises need to pay attention to the positive influence of corporate culture, and use corporate culture to make due contributions to society. Whether it is an individual or an enterprise, our relationship with society is closely related. The good development of society is more conducive to the development of enterprises. This is a virtuous circle.

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