Indian Para Power Lifters, Coached by Tanvir Logani, Set out for Asian Para Games

Hangzhou, [China], 20th October 2023: The journey of transformation, dedication, and resilience continues as Indian Kinesiologist and Coach Tanvir Logani, a leading figure in the field of human performance, embarks on a remarkable mission. Tanvir is set to lead a team of Para Powerlifters, including athletes Zainaab Khatoon, Rajkumari, Ashok Malik, Pardeep Joon, and Suman Devi amongst others, to represent India at the prestigious Asian Para Games 2022 in Hangzhou. 

This momentous event not only signifies India’s growing global competitiveness but also ignites the nation’s hope for securing medals in the field of Para Powerlifting.

These proud athletes, under the visionary guidance of Tanvir Logani, have risen above physical challenges and limitations, emerging as inspirations for their unwavering determination and resilience. As they prepare to represent India on the international stage, their stories serve as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of mentorship and perseverance.

Tanvir Logani’s unwavering commitment to the athletes’ growth and development is a driving force behind their journey to the Asian Para Games. His innovative coaching methods, combined with a deep understanding of kinesiology, have enabled these athletes to overcome hurdles and excel in their respective categories.

Zainaab Khatoon is an epitome of female empowerment in Para Powerlifting. Her journey from 70 kg to securing a place at the Asian Para Games exemplifies the transformative power of self-belief, nurtured by Tanvir’s expertise.

Rajkumari, Ashok Malik, Pardeep Joon, and Suman Devi have equally compelling stories of triumph and dedication. Their qualification for the Asian Para Games is a reflection of their relentless pursuit of excellence, fuelled by the guidance and support of Tanvir Logani.

The Asian Para Games provide a platform for athletes from across the continent to showcase their abilities and compete at the highest level. As India sends its team of dedicated Para Power Lifters to represent the nation, the pride and hopes of an entire country travel with them.

This moment not only highlights India’s rising prominence in global sports but also brings forth the belief that these remarkable athletes, under Tanvir’s mentorship, have the potential to clinch medals and make their nation proud.

As the team gears up for the Asian Para Games, they carry with them the dreams and aspirations of a nation. Their journey is a testament to the human spirit’s boundless potential and the transformative impact of dedicated coaching.

Tanvir Logani, Founder of CRUMACO, says: “I take immense pride in the Indian Para Powerlifting Team. I am certain that they will not only represent India but set the beacon of hope aflame by winning medals for the country.

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