From dorm room discussions to startup stardom: IIT Delhi friends revolutionise digital marketing

The digital marketing and advertising firm known as InkRevenue was established by two friends who shared a passion for the field. Saksham Khanda and Aditya Saraswat, the company’s founders, possess extensive knowledge of advertising and marketing technology. After trying a few different ideas, they discovered that InkRevenue was their most successful endeavour. They saw a gap in the advertising market where website owners struggled with revenue optimization. InkRevenue’s founders have a low-capital approach to building their company, and the company has been bootstrapped from the beginning without any funding from outside sources.

InkRevenue stands out from its rivals thanks to a number of distinctive selling points. InkRevenue, an internal delivery platform, enables faster and better service without requiring external resources. The company places a high value on providing excellent customer service and revenue optimization for website publishers, which competitors in the industry frequently ignore. Additionally, InkRevenue is able to supply traffic from any location because it maintains a global traffic inventory.

As far as future possibilities, InkRevenue means to extend its presence in SouthEast Asia, Center East Asia, and level 1 nations. Additionally, the company intends to use AI and automation to improve its services. As IITians, the originators were focused on tracking down a business that fit them and would empower them to understand their pioneering objectives. Their scientific attitude and business nous empowered them to move from their earlier traits to become effective business visionaries in the publicising business.

The founders graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, with degrees in chemical engineering. Throughout their education, they both participated in numerous research projects, which sparked their interest in science and technology. They had always wanted to start a business, so it didn’t matter what industry they chose.

The founders are motivated by business opportunities with a high rate of return on investment and the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives. They likewise put a high need on business development and are continuously searching for new chances to develop. They made their own business since they needed to work independently and carry on with free and autonomous lives.

Retaining top employees and effectively scaling the business in terms of inventory setup were two of InkRevenue’s obstacles. However, the vision and mission that the founders of InkRevenue have set for the company over the next five years is to build teams all over the world to help them grow, modernise and scale their service offerings, and expand into more than 50 countries. To assist website publishers in achieving their business goals, the company is committed to providing exceptional client support and revenue optimization.

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