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BNI Surat is creating awareness to donate plasma for humanity

Surat : BNI Surat has taken a great initiative for a Nobel cause to donate Plasma for Humanity. If anyone is tested positive for COVID-19 or had mild symptoms or have symptomatic or having antibodies report is more than 3 then one can be eligible to donate plasma which helps to treat coronavirus patients and save lives.

In BNI Surat, Mr. Jenish Shah & Mr. Nayan Choksi who are the proud members of BNI Surat Community are creating awareness and helping other members to take a one step forward to donate plasma and save lives. BNI Surat is removing the myth that plasma donation reduces the immunity but the fact is donating plasma won’t impact on your immune system rather one can donate plasma repetitively also, the frequency of donating plasma can be of 15 days. Till now 17 members of BNI Surat has donated the plasma and the numbers are still counting. The Executive Director of BNI Surat CA Gaurav V Singhvi (GSV) himself has donated the plasma in the Surat Civil Hospital and recommends that it’s a safest place to donate plasma. The government has taken full safety and security towards all the medical procedures at the same Hospital. CA Gaurav V Singhvi (GSV) also addressing people of the Surat city that we all are looking for a Vaccine but till then we can be a lifeline to anyone by donating plasma. For further details, inquiry & assistance related to plasma donation, Kindly reach out to our proud members Mr. Jenish Shah – +919898028494 & Mr. Nayan Choksi – +919825411125.

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