Ankit Shaw joins National Human Rights Organisation as State Chief – Youth Rights Affairs of West Bengal

Anchoring an event is one of the most challenging tasks one can do. While it’s a must to have excellent communication skills, you need to have good personality, enough charm, wit and presence of mind that you never lose the attention of the audience. And Ankit Shaw is one of the most reputable and best anchors/emcees in India.

With an experience of managing all kinds of events be it marriage or big corporate events, Ankit Shaw has created a huge name for himself in the country. By Oct 2021, Ankit had hosted a total of 1000 live shows and 500 offline shows. Over the years, he has emerged as India’s most popular emcee. Thanks to his exceptional communication skills and magnificent power to hold the audience, he has become a favourite of many. In fact, now he is not just limited to hosting the shows in India. Earlier in February, Ankit hosted a corporate giant in Dubai.

The latest is that Ankit Shaw has joined National Human Rights Organisation as State Chief – Youth Rights Affairs (West Bengal). The organisation in its welcome post wrote, “We are Happy to announce the growth of team Bengal with dynamic faces joining the team. Today we are delighted to welcome our new member on board in the state team, Ankit Shaw taking charge as State Chief – Youth Right Affairs (West Bengal). The entire team of NHRO is heartly congratulating and looking forward for the best commendable work from him.”

Ankit Shaw who has also created an impression as a TV presenter has bagged many honours and awards for his skills like Best Emcee By National Minority Welfare Trust, Best Emcee by wonder Mega show, Anchor of the season Award 2020 by Sahitya Times TV, and many more.

The success of Ankit Shaw has now started inspiring thousands of people and his story reached out to many more when he delivered his TEDx speech.

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