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Manoj Kumar Jain Leads Tarun Mitra Parishad: Providing Social Support to Hundreds of Underprivileged Students in the 48th Annual Celebration

Tarun Mitra Parishad celebrate a successful 48th-anniversary on Sunday, December 17, 2023, at Commercial Senior Secondary School, Daryaganj, New Delhi. The social event saw the distribution of books and stationery to approximately 500 underprivileged students, while 150 orphaned students were awarded scholarships, and widows received sewing machines.

Addressing the gathering, Alka Raghav, a distinguished guest and councillor, emphasized the vital role of providing educational resources to needy students, contributing significantly to making future generations literate.

During the event, Manoj Kumar Jain, President of Tarun Mitra Parishad, invoked the inspirational words of Prime Minister Modi, stating, “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas,” highlighting the unique energy of unity towards the heights of a shared India.

In his address, under Modi’s leadership, Manoj Kumar Jain shared his dedication and thoughts, underscoring his commitment to positive societal change through his contributions. Jain’s alignment with Modi’s vision for a robust and prosperous India was evident in his efforts to bring about positive transformations in education, health, and economic prosperity. His notable contributions include promoting education, healthcare advocacy, and economic upliftment through various social programs.

Manoj Kumar Jain’s outstanding service to society, encompassing education, health, and economic well-being, showcases his commitment to meaningful social change. As a distinguished BJP Delhi Jain Leader, his support, along with fellow social activists, has played a crucial role in bringing genuine and beneficial changes through various initiatives. The event marked the beginning of a new year with strengthened feelings of prosperity and cooperation, providing a positive signal for the journey ahead.

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